Top 5 Best Paramedical Courses After 12th

Paramedic is one of the most sought-after choices for students interested in the medical field. Here is the list of the best paramedical courses after 12th standard. Look at these courses and find the best for you.

best paramedical courses
List of the top 5 best paramedical courses after 12th standard

The field of paramedical sciences needs skilled personnel – one who is well informed of the procedures and can manage varied equipment like an expert, due to the evolution of the sector and the replacement of older technology by newer ones.

Hence the best paramedical courses after 12th are the greatest choice for anyone who wants to start a career in the healthcare field.

For any compassionate dreamers hoping to improve people’s lives, they are tremendously satisfying both in terms of generating a living and in terms of personal fulfillment. In a healthcare context, doctors, nurses, and paramedics work as a team to make the patient’s life as simple as possible. About 70% of the staff of the hospital is made up of paramedics.

One of the duties of a paramedic is to gather patient samples and swabs, test those samples for infections, and administer treatment in accordance with a doctor’s recommendations. They go by the name “allied health forces” as well. As they support the doctors and oversee emergency situations in the hospitals, they constitute the foundation of the medical business.

A candidate who has completed their 10+2 studies in science topics, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, is eligible to enroll in a range of paramedical courses after graduating from high school. Following your 12th-grade year, you can enroll in some of the following popular paramedical courses:

Top 5 Best Paramedical Courses After 12th

1. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy is an amazing paramedical course to pursue after 12th

After successfully completing 10+2 with at least a 50% grade point average, a candidate may pursue a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. The course lasts for three years and is divided into six semesters.

Physiotherapy assists patients in controlling their discomfort and avoiding illness. It is a science-based profession that addresses people’s problems. Students who want to pursue a profession in physiotherapy must possess traits like diligence, discipline, patience, and, most significantly, passion. The major goal of this course is to prepare students to use various physiotherapy techniques to treat an injured or ill patient.

These fundamental disciplines in the physiotherapy program, which is considered one of the best paramedical courses after 12th, such as exercise, and therapy, which have just been added to the curriculum — help students find employment and advance their careers.

The exercises and therapies covered in this course will teach students how to treat specific disabilities. Students will learn about the cardiovascular, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems so they can treat any disability appropriately.

A physiotherapy degree holder can find employment in the following fields:

  • Consultations with doctors
  • Public Hospitals
  • Health care facilities, gyms, etc.

Along with the aforementioned job description, other well-paying and attractive career options for physiotherapists include working with sports associations around the world that are involved in sports like cricket, tennis, football, etc.

The most renowned colleges for bachelor of science in physiotherapy are CMC in Vellore, Madras Medical College and Shri Ramchand University in Chennai, to name a few.

2. Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology

Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology
Operation Theatre Technology is one of the best paramedical courses after 12th

Operation Theatre Technology is one of the many areas of medicine that is attracting interest from applicants all around the nation. The minimal requirement for the three-year graduate program in Operation Theatre Technology is a grade of “C” or better in science from an accredited school district or its equivalent test. Based on results from the appropriate entrance exam and subsequent rounds of counseling, interested applicants may be admitted to the B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology program.

The work and administration of the operation theatre are both included in the B. Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology degree. The curriculum equips participants with the skills necessary to manage patients while also witnessing the minute details of an operating room. The applicants are in charge of maintaining all the surgical instruments, as well as their cleaning and sterilization, throughout the study. Candidates assist the surgeon during operations and manage almost all of the anesthetic gases, drugs, drapes, and sterilization requirements during surgery.

The National Institute of Management and Technology in Mumbai, All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, and SIHS in Pune are among the top universities.

3. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

The three-year undergraduate program known as the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, or B.Sc. in OT, is broken up into six semesters. It focuses on finding ways to treat people who are disabled or have other limitations in order to improve their quality of life. One may say that this program is comparable to patient rehabilitation.

A graduate in this sector can expect to make between 2 and 15 lacs as a fresher, depending on their degree of experience and the university they attended. Occupational therapists, consultants, OT nurses and technicians, cardiac OT nurses, and many other job descriptions are available in the profession.

The need for occupational therapy is unlimited and growing quickly, making the B. Sc. in Occupational Therapy one of the most promising programs available. It offers employment stability, a solid salary, and a promising future. In addition, the course prepares the applicants for professional practice by teaching them how to manage service quality, deal with ethical dilemmas, and communicate effectively.

Below are the best colleges:

  • Manipal University
  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, New Delhi
  • Manipal University. Manipal

4. Bachelor of Science in Renal Dylasis

Bachelor of Science in Renal Dylasis

Students must complete three years of study to get a B. Sc. in Renal Dialysis Technology. Interested applicants with a +2 (Medical) or an equivalent degree are qualified to apply for the course. The goal of the course is to prepare students to provide hemodialysis treatments for patients with renal insufficiency under the guidance of a nurse or doctor. The B. Sc. in Renal Dialysis Technology includes courses in areas such as clinical medical lab, cardiac care technology, respiratory care technology, dialysis technology, and other related areas. Candidates for the program must have completed their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and either Biology or Math as their primary subjects, with a minimum cumulative score of 60% in classes X and XII. Nevertheless, this percentage requirement may differ amongst institutes.

Top Universities include Christian College in Bangalore, JSS Medical College and Hospital in Mysore, and Jamia Hamdard in New Delhi.

5. Bachelor of Science in Radiotherapy

Bachelor of Science in Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy program is among the best paramedical courses after 12th (Image Source)

According to academic and professional perspectives, BSc Radiotherapy is one of the new paramedical programs. It is a three-year undergraduate program that requires a 10+2 in PCB with a 50% grade point average. Entrance-level exams are used to determine admission. It deals with the use of radiation and technology for disease diagnosis. It involves expertise in X-ray imaging, magnetic resource imaging, CT scans, etc.

The scope of this course is broad, and it is quite well-liked among those aspiring to become doctors. Students can get employment with research organizations, hospitals, and diagnostic laboratories, as well as open up their own diagnostic facilities. Medical sonographers, radiology assistants, MRI technicians, ultrasound technicians, and other healthcare professionals work in this industry. Depending on experience and competence, earnings might range from $15,000 to $30,000 per month.

Top Indian Universities for Bachelor of Science in Radiotherapy courses include AFMC in Pune, AIMS in New Delhi, and Madras Medical College in Chennai.

In the upcoming years, paramedical course content will triple in size. An expanding area of study in medical and healthcare science is paramedicine. Additionally, the employment rate is rising. So picking paramedics classes is a wise choice. All of these courses were recognized as some of the top paramedical courses. The paramedics industry is expanding quickly, and enrollment in these programs has risen as well. Aligning paramedical workers with doctors and other medical practitioners is strengthening and developing our healthcare system.

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